About Me

Rick & Elsa

Rick & Elsa near their home just outside London, England.


A few years ago, I was living the typical middle-class Western life: wife, children, expensive mortgage, two cars, overseas holidays and my own company in the advertising industry. Then the financial crash of 2008 put paid to my business and shortly after my then wife and I got divorced. The divorce proved to be financially ruinous and also took a heavy toll on my mental state. But from this dark place, I stumbled upon yoga, which I now teach, and the philosophy of 9-Energy Natural Expression – and a new life was born!

At last, I understood who I really was, why I did what I did and thought what I thought; but also why I connected so strongly with some people and not so with others. It was a revelation, which allowed me to be at ease with myself and live a much happier life.

Eventually, I began to seriously study the subject of 9-Energy Natural Expression and started giving consultations, firstly to friends and family, and then to a wider client base. It was wonderful to be able to help people find a happier life by simply showing them who they really are and just as importantly being at peace with what they found.

I then wanted to share this philosophy with as many people as possible and this led to me writing the book “Sex, Love and Who Puts the Rubbish Out?” which inevitably involved a great deal of research and study and honed my particular take on the subject.

But just as one ‘practices’ yoga, I am practicing 9-Energy Natural Expression. It’s a journey that will never stop: there is no ‘end point’. It made me realise that life is really all about the journey, not the destination; and the only things that matter are communicating honestly and naturally with each other and what is happening right here, right now.

With love and light