The Way to Happier Relationships: with Yourself and your Significant Others

Welcome to the world of 9-Energy Natural Expression: a wonderful opening to a new and happier life. It provides the answer to probably the greatest challenge you face: who you really are. It also gives insight and wisdom to accept and be at peace with what you find, not only within yourself, but with everyone around you. In short, it shows us the Path to Happiness.

The essence and power of 9-Energy Natural Expression lies in a book called the ‘I Ching’ or Book of Changes. Around 5000 years old, it fundamentally explains the laws of humanity and shows that everything that happens is the result of two equal but opposite interacting forces called Yin and Yang.

Many have acknowledged how influential the I Ching was in their lives and work: Apple founder Steve Jobs, psychoanalyst Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli, the Nobel Prize winning quantum physicist to name but a few. Also the musician Bob Dylan, who said “I don’t have any religion or philosophy, I can’t say much about them, but there is a book called the I Ching, I’m not trying to push it, I don’t want to talk about it, but it’s the only thing that is amazingly true, period.”

Find out your Natural Expression

The first step on your own Path to Happiness is discovering your 9-Energy Natural Expression. Using the application on this page, simply input your gender and date of birth and your 9-Energy Natural Expression will be revealed! It will also state whether you are Yin or Yang and if you are a Simple or Complex Expression.

Knowing and understanding these are fundamental to this philosophy and your own Path to Happiness within yourself and your relationships! Up to 4 readings will be revealed. From here, you can book a consultation, order my book Sex, Love and Who Puts the Rubbish Out? or attend one of my talks (details will be on the site). Or contact me with any questions.


It’s important to note that everything I tell you about this philosophy either here on the site or in the book is a lie! And they only stop being lies, when you can prove them true for yourself. You will of course make your own mind up – I was a total sceptic – but if you feel a connection with this philosophy, this could be the start of something really rather wonderful. It certainly was for me!

Rick Nunn

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