What is 9-Energy Natural Expression?

Your 9-Energy Natural Expression is how you were as a child of around 3 to 5 years old and is set at the moment of your birth. Back then, you would have taken people by how you found them, looking past anything to do with race, sex, age or disability.

You lived in the present moment, totally honest and natural about the things that were going on around you and what you wanted or didn’t want to do. You laughed when you were happy and cried when you were not. Any fear you experienced would have been based on a real or very imminent danger to your well-being. We can call this enlightened state ‘mindfulness’ or just simply being a child.

A child’s Natural Expression is like the core of an onion but as we get older what happens to our little onion? Learned Convention or ‘lessons in life’, that’s what happens, and each one of these experiences either adds a layer to the onion or thickens the ones that are already there.

This all comes from the mind or ego, and so before long many of us have grown into a huge, tough, impressive looking onion or Ego-Onion and that soft core is buried under layers and layers of life’s experiences. We then stop living our lives as our Natural Expression and who we really are. Instead we start to over-think, get depressed by issues from our past and get anxious and stressed by what the future may hold. We tend to keep pushing, ignoring what our bodies are telling us, and at best we have this sense of being ill-at-ease with life or worse our bodies and our minds will start to suffer and we become ill.

It’s time then to start peeling the Ego-Onion because the whole point about 9-Energy Natural Expression is that it reveals who you actually are and not who you think you are; neither does it have anything to do with the events in your life that you may believe define you for good or ill. These are the layers of your Ego-Onion that need to be removed and that could well be painful, but it will be the start of what can be a challenging, yet revealing, enlightening and wonderful journey!

Finding out your 9-Energy Natural Expression

There are 81 different 9-Energy Natural Expressions and you can discover yours by reading the book “Sex, Love and Who Puts the Rubbish Out?” or complete the box on the Home Page. I will then email your 9-Energy Natural Expression to you with an outline for what that means for you and your relationships.

Alternatively, if you’d like a more in-depth consultation to fully explore how you connect with others, especially if you’re having any doubts about your romantic relationship, please contact me to book an appointment. See the consultation page to find out how.