Sex, Love and Who Puts the Rubbish Out?

rick-coverMy book “Sex, Love and Who Puts the Rubbish Out” tackles not only the sometimes thorny issues of sex and love within our relationships, but also how we relate and connect with each other on a day-to-day basis.  Who puts the rubbish out is simply a metaphor to illustrate who is likely to be the most naturally suited to set the boundaries in your relationship which probably means that if you’re either fighting with each other to do it or neither of you can be bothered, harmony might be hard to find!

The book has been written in two parts:

The first part explores how sex, love and our relationships can be lived out with Nature and our 9-Energy Natural Expression as our guide and mentor. It would seem that for the vast majority of us that is not how we are living our lives. The book emphasises the importance of laying the foundations and these chapters provide background and texture to this whole philosophy.

The second part is where you will find the details of working out what your 9-Energy Natural Expression is and how that manifests itself in you, the people in your life and the relationships you have with them. It will show you what should be natural, instinctive and intuitive in your love life, in the bedroom and yes who should be putting the rubbish out!

blue_btnThere’s ALWAYS deals from Lulu on the print book! Before you purchase the book check their home page and see what the deal is and what code you need to use. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact me for advice. Also please be aware that the ebook is a lot cheaper than the print book, even with the discounts! Follow the same link and see the details bottom right on the Lulu page.


“It’s really well written…got me thinking and chuckling!” NE

“It is really beautiful. Very simple, honest and clearly so inspired and in reverence to what has opened to you through the practice – tapping into that ancient way of knowing and being on this earth! It brings that knowledge, which for some might be seen as esoteric, directly into our troubled lives, and into the realm of simple common sense. Sure there are bits that i could suggest a tweek or two – but it is a lovely gift and offering – and as such, feels it has come from the right place. Would love to detail what I learnt with a couple consultation sometime! Thank-you! xxxx” NF

“This book is SOOO good, easy to read and cool. I recommend! Well done Rick Nunn!!!” RAdM

“A very thought provoking book, scarily accurate and revealing and a fantastic channel for opening up communication and understanding.” JR