Theresa May

theresa-mayWhat does Theresa May’s 9-Energy Natural Expression tell us about her suitability to lead the UK to a successful Brexit? Well she is 7 Lake and this is her Expression.


There is a dignified style and easy charm about you. You take pride in how you carry yourself and back your own intuition and instincts. You have a confident, logical and straightforward approach to life but your sensitivity and emotions play a large part too. That can affect your leadership potential but your energy, focus and enthusiasm usually sees you achieving your goals and persuading others to follow you. You’re not very flexible though – actually you are pretty stubborn – and can struggle to adapt to changing circumstances. On the surface, you usually come across as sincere, serious and direct but you have real passion and ambition to achieve and realise your high ideals.

From what I’ve seen of her so far this seems pretty accurate! If hard-nosed negotiation is what’s required she may be the right person, otherwise her stubbornness and inflexibility could take the UK into some very difficult waters.